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Copy Develop Settings From One Photo To Another in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom gives you the ability to copy develop settings that you have applied on one photo and apply them instantly to one or more other photographs. This is not only a massive time-saver, but it also ensures consistency across a collection of similar photographs. For example, let's say that you have a series of [...]

Culling in Lightroom – A Quick Tip to Speed Up Culling

Here is a quick tip to help you speed up your culling in Lightroom. First, let me explain what the term culling in Lightroom means. What is Culling in Lightroom? You know the scenario - you come back from an event, wedding or a two week holiday and you have hundreds or thousands of images [...]

Editing in Lightroom – A Walkthrough With an Image From Vagli Sotto in Tuscany

This is a walkthrough of how I took this image and its final editing in Lightroom. This image was taken during one of my many trips to Tuscany. It was shot late in the afternoon during the month of June. This is another example of why I always maintain that you can indeed take photographs [...]

The Difference Between Flow and Density in Lightroom

A lot of Lightroom users will be accustomed to using the Brush tool to make local adjustments but many don’t understand the difference between Flow and Density. So my goal of this article is to clarify the difference between the Flow and Density sliders found in the Adjustment Brush tool. To help with understanding, let [...]

Black and White Photography – Shoot in Camera or Convert in Post?

I would say every single digital camera is capable of black and white photography in camera. Well, maybe with one exception. The question I get asked a lot regarding black and white photography is, should I shoot in black and white in the camera or should I shoot in colour and convert to black and [...]

Guest Posts About Photography Related Articles Being Accepted

As our site has grown, along with our training and writing commitments, we wanted to remind everyone that we accept guest posts about photography related articles. Guest posts are open to professional photographers, enthusiast photographers, photography gurus and anyone who has a photography related article that they would like us to publish. We realise that lots of [...]

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Apply Develop Settings to Photos When Importing into Lightroom

This is a simple trick to save you a lot of time when importing photos into Lightroom. This technique will show you how to apply develop settings to photos as you import them into Lightroom. Firstly, let me explain what the terminology here means. What Are Develop Settings in Lightroom? Develop settings in Lightroom [...]

Add Warmth to The Highlights of An Image in Photoshop

Often, we find ourselves wanting to add warmth to the highlights of an image. One preferred way of adding warmth to the highlights is to use the Photo Filter inside Photoshop. This is an acceptable method but it has the disadvantage of adding tint to the entire image. The method I describe below will show [...]


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