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Welcome to f:stop Training.

We are proud to have launched our new service and website early in 2015 but what is f:stop Training and what do we hope to achieve?
f:stop Training is a new venture of ours that we have spoken about for many years. We provide photography training to people who are starting out in photography as well as those who are keen to improve upon their existing knowledge and skills. Both of us have been photographers for many years and spent a lot of time working collaboratively on various projects. Throughout these years, we have exchanged hints, tips and ideas with each other as well as many other photographers. Being able to share our knowledge with others and seeing them develop their photography skills as a consequence, is something that we thoroughly enjoy and have always wanted to do more of. So, we have decided it is time to pass on our years of experience and knowledge to you and others.
Please have a look through our site and read the details about our courses and workshops. We welcome your comments and questions so please feel free to contact us.

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MartinPhotographer, Trainer, Website


I have been taking photographs at various levels since I was 14 years of age – that’s a long time. I started with a cheap and fully manual SLR camera which forced me into a steep learning curve to ensure I didn’t waste every roll of film. Yes, film! I used rolls of film at first then progressed onto shooting and developing my own slides following a photography college course. That was me hooked for life. In 1992 I began to explore the new territory of digital photography and have been continually expanding my knowledge ever since.

I have sold several hundred photographs over the years and been honoured to photograph many couples’ weddings as well as being commissioned for commercial and promotional work. A lot of this work has been in conjunction with Tom, and for the past few years we have worked and collaborated on many photographic projects.

For the past 10 years or so, I have been designing and building websites for photographers. For me, this is a natural progression of my knowledge and skill base to the digital photography workflow. A large part of this service has been teaching the photographers how to update and maintain their website without relying on web companies and being burdened by the costs this maintenance service can incur.

I am a qualified instructor and have over 8 year’s experience as an industry trainer, which when coupled with my knowledge, experience and passion for photography, ensures that all our courses are meticulously designed and delivered with enthusiasm. It is always a joy to further people’s knowledge and inspire their photography.

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TomPhotographer, Trainer


A rollercoaster of a photographic journey. A career spanning 30 years working on Scotland’s top newspaper titles has been a blast. Covering everything from day to day diary jobs to breaking major news stories, no two days are ever the same, and it’s this that makes being a photographer the best and most exciting job in the world. There are also challenges along the way, and it’s the challenges I love.

In addition to my newspaper work, there is the wedding side of my business and this is another passion of mine. There is nothing better to be part of a couple’s big day and being privileged to create a record of this for them. A story in pictures, all the laughter, fun and the occasional tear (usually of joy!).

It’s people I love working with. People from every walk of life, and my ability to connect with them quickly helps them to relax and be at ease in front of the camera. This is a vitally important aspect of my photography.

Photography is not just a job to me it’s a passion, a way of life.

Photography is also an art! There are many different styles and techniques that photographers apply to their craft and it’s some of these that I am going to share with you on the workshops. With my background in the fast-paced world of news, I have honed a skill set that to many may seem a little unorthodox, the ability to go into a situation, assess it quickly and come away with a great image often with minimal kit and getting maximum results.

The tools of the trade for me are primarily Nikon, although I do carry a G15 with me at all times along with the dreaded iPhone J No matter what gear you chose to shoot with the ability to be competent with it and produce a good final image what’s important. The aim of F-stop Training is to assist you in becoming competent with whatever gear you choose to use.


Do you have a photography hint, tip or idea that you would like to share? If so, we would love to hear from you. You can use our Contact Us page to submit your contribution to us. We can publish on this site and give you full credit as well as provide links to your social web presence; Facebook, google+, Twitter, Flickr etc.