As our site has grown, along with our training and writing commitments, we wanted to remind everyone that we accept guest posts about photography related articles.

Guest posts are open to professional photographers, enthusiast photographers, photography gurus and anyone who has a photography related article that they would like us to publish. We realise that lots of you will have information and stories about photography that would be of interest to our existing and new readers.

Submitting guests posts and having them published is a great way to increase your exposure (pun intended) and raise your profile to a wider audience. Every guest post will be appended with your biographical details and links to your website and social media platforms. We are keen to foster a good professional relationship with our contributors and will offer guidance and suggestions where needed.

How to Submit Your Guest Posts

We have recently improved the process for submitting your guest posts. It is now very quick, easy and secure.

  1. Register with us as a contributor by navigating to  Articles > Register As a Contributor from the top menu on out website;
  2. Complete the form on this page;
  3. Once approved, you log in to the site;
  4. Now navigate to Articles > Submit an Article and complete the form.

When we receive your guest post, we will review it, suggest alterations if necessary before publishing it. Once published, you will be notified by email.

What Do We Accept as Guest Posts?

This is a non-exhaustive list of some ideas that we accept as guest posts:

  • Hints and tips for any kind of photography techniques;
  • Post production skills using any photography software;
  • Photography travel stories;
  • Stories about a particular image or series of images, and
  • Tech reviews and opinions.

So, are you a professional, enthusiast or a brand new photographer who has a tip or story to tell about photography? Would you like to share your thoughts and opinions with a wider audience and raise your profile in the process? If so, register with us as a contributor and start submitting guest posts.