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Terms to Register as a Contributor

To have your articles published on our website, please ensure you read and follow our terms:

  1. Read a selection of articles already published to help you understand what type of content we favour;
  2. We like articles about:
    • Any hints, tips or ideas that are photography related (regardless of the skill level required);
    • Software hints and tips covering any photography software package;
    • Stories about photography trips or outings you’ve been on;
    • Your thoughts and opinions on tech stuff;
  3. Your article should have a minimum of 300 words and include at least one image that illustrates your tip or idea;
  4. Submit articles that are specifically related to photography;
  5. Your articles must be your own work. If we discover any article submitted by you to be a copy of another’s work, you will be banned from our site and all your articles will be deleted;
  6. All articles must be of a high quality in terms of spelling and grammar;
  7. All articles must be complete and easy to read;
  8. The Featured Image must be of landscape orientation and should be 1024 pixels wide;
  9. Other images should be no more than 800 pixels along the longest edge. Please indicate in the Author’s Notes field where you wish images to be placed;
  10. You should answer all comments posted in your articles. This will increase your exposure;
  11. You will be credited with your author info at the end of all your articles.

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If we feel that your submitted article needs altering, we will contact you with details of amendments. If you have any questions about submitting articles, please contact us.