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How to Clean Your Camera Sensor Using Swabs

In this article, I am going to describe how to clean your camera sensor using swabs. The majority of photographers will get very nervous at the prospect of cleaning the sensor on their digital camera. I understand this trepidation, but it is quite a straightforward procedure. But, before diving right into describing the sensor cleaning process, [...]

Sony Star Eater? A comparison of Sony A7II Camera Vs Pentax K1

I thought I'd write this article about the Sony star eater issue that is often discussed. I know there are a lot of Sony gear lovers out there and some people who want to enjoy using these cameras for "low light" captures or astrophotos. The Sony star eater debate has been circulating the internet for some [...]

The Ghost of Ross Priory? What’re Your Thoughts?

Ross Priory is the ancient house of the Buchanan family and sits on the banks of Loch Lomond. It is a spectacular building that has an equally spectacular view over Loch Lomond. However, does this photograph show that it may be haunted? One evening in early December, I decided to visit Ross Priory to try some [...]

Black and White Photography – Shoot in Camera or Convert in Post?

I would say every single digital camera is capable of black and white photography in camera. Well, maybe with one exception. The question I get asked a lot regarding black and white photography is, should I shoot in black and white in the camera or should I shoot in colour and convert to black and [...]

Photography During The Midday Sunlight

There has been a lot of negative things said about photography during the midday sunlight. No doubt you'll have heard that you should avoid taking photographs during the midday hours because of the harsh lighting. Similarly, you'll have heard that you should only shoot at dawn and dusk. I'm here to add a little balance [...]

Polarising Filter – Should You Buy One?

I often get asked questions about using a polarising filter, so I thought I would publish my thoughts and knowledge on using one. What Is a Polarising Filter? First of all, let me make this clear, a polarising filter should be in every photographer's bag. They can increase contrast, increase colour saturation, reduce unwanted [...]

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