Working with Quick Collections

Quick Collections can be viewed in any of the Modules inside Lightroom Classic. A Quick Collection can be changed to a permanent collection if you choose. To create a Quick Collection in Lightroom Classic, do the following:

  1. Select the images you want to add to a new Quick Collection;
  2. In the Library or Develop Module, choose Photo > Add to Quick Collection. In any of the other Modules, choose Edit > Add to Quick Collection;

There is no requirement to name this new Collection or decide upon options. A Quick Collection only comes in one flavour.

Quick Collection

Quick Collection

Viewing a Quick Collection

Quick Collections can only be viewed from the Library module. In the Library module, select Quick Collection from inside the Catalog panel.

Making a Quick Collection permanent

You can only have one Quick Collection in Lightroom Classic. If you want to keep a Quick Collection, you must convert it to a Regular Collection. To convert a Quick Collection to a Regular Collection:

  1. From any Module choose File > Save Quick Collection;
  2. Name your new Collection and decide if you want to clear the Quick Collection.

Clearing the Quick Collection frees it up for another set of images.

Removing images from a Quick Collection

  1. Select the Quick Collection from the Catalog Panel;
  2. Select the image(s) you want to remove;
  3. Press Delete, or;
  4. Select Photo > Remove from Quick Collection.

Your photographs are only removed from the Quick Collection. They are not deleted from Lightroom’s Catalog nor are they deleted from your computer.