Deleting a Collection or Collection Set

When you delete a collection or collection set, the images they contained are not removed from Lightroom’s Catalog nor are they deleted from your computer.

To delete a Collection or Collection Set:

  1. In the Collections panel, select the Collection or Collection Set you want to delete;
  2. Click on the minus icon (), or;
  3. Right-click the selected Collection or Collection set and choose Delete from the fly-out menu.
    Right-click delete menu item

    Right-click menu

    If you accidentally delete a collection or collection set, use the Undo command by choosing:

    • Edit > Undo, or;
    • Press Ctrl + Z.

    When you delete a Collection Set, you also delete all the collections contained inside the Collection Set. Lightroom displays a warning before you delete a Collection Set.

    Delete Collection Set confirmation

    Delete Collection Set confirmation