The Difference Between Flow and Density in Lightroom

A lot of Lightroom users will be accustomed to using the Brush tool to make local adjustments but many don’t understand the difference between Flow and Density. So my goal of this article is to clarify the difference between the Flow and Density sliders found in the Adjustment Brush tool. To help with understanding, let [...]

Black and White Photography – Shoot in Camera or Convert in Post?

I would say every single digital camera is capable of black and white photography in camera. Well, maybe with one exception. The question I get asked a lot regarding black and white photography is, should I shoot in black and white in the camera or should I shoot in colour and convert to black and [...]

Apply Develop Settings to Photos When Importing into Lightroom

This is a simple trick to save you a lot of time when importing photos into Lightroom. This technique will show you how to apply develop settings to photos as you import them into Lightroom. Firstly, let me explain what the terminology here means. What Are Develop Settings in Lightroom? Develop settings in Lightroom [...]

Adobe Voice Controlled Photo Editing

Adobe has announced that they are working on a project to bring voice controlled photo editing to the iPad and other compatible mobile devices. Adobe has released a video which demonstrates the concept. The video shows the user making a basic crop, flipping the image before sharing it to Facebook. Adobe is referring to the project as Adobe [...]

Lightroom Previews – How to Build the Right Size of Previews

Lightroom previews will be made automatically by Lightroom as it imports photographs. Lightroom uses these previews to display the thumbnails in the grid view inside the Library Module as well as the larger previews in the Loupe view, Develop, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules. You have the choice of 4 sizes of Lightroom previews that can be [...]

What is a DNG file and Should You Convert?

A DNG file is an alternative to the many different versions of raw files offered by the many different camera manufacturers. The name, DNG, is shorthand for - Digital Negative. It was developed by Adobe and is therefore compatible with all of their software applications. Adobe developed it to overcome the problems posed by having so [...]

Lightroom CC 2015.6 Guided Upright Feature

On June 8th, Lightroom CC 2015.6 and Lightroom 6.6 became available as updates. The main talking point of this update is the Guided Upright feature that is added to the Creative Cloud version only. Therefore, it is not available for those who own the standalone version of Lightroom (version 6.6). Again, Adobe is showing that [...]


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