Next Steps

Exporting photos from Lightroom Classic CC gives you a lot of automation options and possibilities. The two examples described in this article are just that – examples. I would encourage you to experiment and try some of the panels that I did not explain. Here are three tasks for you to experiment with:

  1. In the File Settings panel, export one image for each of the file types found in the Image Format drop-down: JPEG; PSD; TIFF; and DNG. Once exported, note the difference between the file sizes of each format;
  2. In the File Sizing panel, export several versions of the same file using different Resize to Fit options. Again, note the final file sizes;
  3. Add a text watermark to a selection of images.

Once you have created the additional images from the three tasks, use Lightroom’s Library module to import the newly exported images. Once imported, use the Library module to delete the freshly exported images from your computer disk.


The dialogue box for exporting photos from Lightroom Classic CC can be overwhelming at first. But, with time and a lot of experimentation, it becomes intuitive and extremely versatile.

This article has only introduced the Export dialogue, and I would encourage you to experiment by trying as many of its options as you can. 

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