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Nik Silver Efex

Master the art of black-and-white photography.

Silver Efex uses a comprehensive set of darkroom-inspired controls and a refined interface, designed to let you create stunning monochrome images. Nik Silver Efex has been my preferred black and white software. It is my belief that Nik Silver Efex remains unrivalled 25 years after its birth.

Black and White, not Grayscale

Black and white image of tall buildings
Black and white image of a table and chair at window

Reproduce the look of film

Nik Silver Efex includes an exclusive range of filters and effects to help you emulate the look and feel of classic film emulsions such as Kodak Tri-X 400, Ilford Delta 100, and Fuji Neopan.

With Nik Silver Efex’s unique range of custom presets, you can manipulate the grain structure and contrast characteristics of your images to accurately recreate some of the world’s most iconic black-and-white films.

Add realistic film grain

Explore 39 high-fidelity black-and-white film grains that have been recreated in the lab using DxO’s exclusive calibration systems.

Couple dancing on wedding day

Free Download

You can download a 30-day free trial or purchase a full copy of DxO PureRaw 2 using the link below.

This is a free online talk

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05 Jul 2022


10:30 - 11:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: Asia/Jerusalem
  • Date: 05 Jul 2022
  • Time: 12:30 - 13:30


f:Stop Training
f:Stop Training
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  • Martin Sproul
    Martin Sproul
    Owner of f:Stop Training

    I have been taking photographs at various levels since I was 14 years of age – that’s a long time. I started with a cheap and fully manual SLR camera which forced me into a steep learning curve to ensure I didn’t waste every roll of film. Yes, film! I used rolls of film at first then progressed onto shooting and developing my own slides.
    I am a qualified instructor and have over 8 year’s experience as an industry trainer, which when coupled with my knowledge, experience and passion for photography, ensures that all our courses are meticulously designed and delivered with enthusiasm. It is always a joy to further people’s knowledge and inspire their photography.

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  1. Robert Smith 29th June 2022 at 17:40 - Reply

    Might miss the live event, and would like to catch up on the replay

  2. William Briody 5th July 2022 at 20:32 - Reply

    Great session today. As a relative newcomer I found this very helpful.

  3. NORMAN MCNAB 5th July 2022 at 21:02 - Reply

    Martin is a first class communicator. His fluency stems from a deep knowledge of his subject. As a recent purchaser of Silver Effects 3 I learnt a lot from his tutorial. Truly five star stuff.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:33 - Reply

      Thank you for your kind review. I am so glad you found it useful.

  4. Alan Baird 5th July 2022 at 21:03 - Reply

    Another excellent presentation Martin full of information and delivered in a no nonsense easy to understand format which highlighted the excellence of the product. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:29 - Reply

      Thank you and hopefully see you again soon.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:32 - Reply

      Thank you and hopefully see you at another event soon.

  5. Steven Mackay 6th July 2022 at 07:41 - Reply

    Very informative and a great introduction to Silver Efex. Highly recommended.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:31 - Reply

      Thank you for your review and hopefully see you soon at another presentation.

  6. Kevin Watts 6th July 2022 at 09:27 - Reply

    Another great session from Martin. He explains the complexities of the software carefully, giving good worked examples and his depth of understanding allows him to respond to questions with knowledgeable, effective answers. Since attending three or four of Martin’s online sessions my personal understanding has increased significantly and I feel I am now using Lightroom and some of it’s plugins much more effectively. I would happily sing up for any future sessions.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:28 - Reply

      Nice to see you again and thank you for taking a moment to leave a review. It is good to know the presentations have been helpful.

  7. Peter Lomas 6th July 2022 at 09:46 - Reply

    Nik Silver Efex training 5th July 2022 – a really useful session and being able to download the session for future reference is fantastic. The presentation was really informative and has encouraged my to update Nik to he latest version.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 14:26 - Reply

      Thank you for your comment and I am glad that you found it useful. Hopefully, see you again for further talks.

  8. Richard Webber 6th July 2022 at 15:21 - Reply

    Thank you Martin for an excellent well presented tutorial of Silver Efex Pro software. I have learnt a great deal from this presentation and will retain the video of this for future reference.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 18:41 - Reply

      You are very welcome. I am pleased that you found it useful and hopefully I will see you at more events.

  9. George Robertson 6th July 2022 at 17:00 - Reply

    An interesting session from Martin, as a long time user of Silver Efex I picked up a lot of new ideas which I had missed being self taught

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 18:40 - Reply

      That’s great to know. Even as a seasoned user you garnered some useful tips. Thank you for your comment.

  10. David Bolton 6th July 2022 at 18:18 - Reply

    A first class review of Nik’s Silver Efex software. I had not appreciated how powerful and selective this software could be.
    I have now applied my learning from Martin’s presentation to a range of images, including Infra-Red and am very pleased with the results.

    • Martin 6th July 2022 at 18:39 - Reply

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you have a new interest in creating compelling black and white images.

  11. Chris Lee 7th July 2022 at 12:17 - Reply

    Another excellent presentation by Martin – great detailed explanation of Nik’s Silver Efex software. This is the fourth of Martin’s presentations I have attended and my understanding and use of Lightroom, Photoshop, PureRAW2 and Silver Efex have increased significantly……. Thank you so much!

    • Martin 7th July 2022 at 15:22 - Reply

      Thank you. Glad you enjoy my ramblings and find them useful.

  12. Moira Gardner 7th July 2022 at 19:25 - Reply

    I use Nik software and sometimes Silver Efex Pro 3. This presentation made me realise that I should use it a lot more. You explain things at an easy pace that makes it possible to understand what is happening. Too many presenters race along and you are soon lost. Well explained and a very beneficial presentation.

    • Martin 9th July 2022 at 09:00 - Reply

      Thank you, Moira. I am pleased you found the talk useful and hopefully Silver Efex will make your black and white images look stunning. Best wishes,

  13. Tim Pindar 13th July 2022 at 07:45 - Reply

    I couldn’t make the session but have viewed the video, which was very useful . I am a long time user of Silver Efex, but picked up a great many hints and tips. The one point of detail that wasn’t covered (unless I missed it) was making SF3 a smart object when launching from Photoshop.

    • Martin 15th July 2022 at 12:43 - Reply

      Thank you for commenting and viewing the video of the talk. Silver Efex Pro is still the best black and white software. You are right, I didn’t mention the use of Silver Efex Pro on a Smart Object. I ran out of time, but using Silver Efex on a Smart Object is the best way to go. If you wish more information on this, please email me and I can provide you with the information.

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