About Mirko

My passion is adventure photography and capturing the beauty of nature near and far. I have been an avid visual astronomer for the past 30 years and have much interest in photographing objects I typically enjoy viewing with an unaided eye, using various telescopes in the darkest skies.  When photographing these objects, I strive to capture the beauty and awe-inspiring vastness of the cosmos.  I use a DSLR, or a cooled CMOS astrophotography camera by ZWO, Sony A7ii.  Telescopic Equipment by Celestron, GSO, Televue, Explorer Scientific

Sony Star Eater? A comparison of Sony A7II Camera Vs Pentax K1

I thought I'd write this article about the Sony star eater issue that is often discussed. I know there are a lot of Sony gear lovers out there and some people who want to enjoy using these cameras for "low light" captures or astrophotos. The Sony star eater debate has been circulating the internet for some [...]

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