Another look at wedding photography,  this time I’m going to comment on the couple’s affection towards each other. A wedding is a tremendously happy occasion for couples, filled with love and affection. They touch each other, hold hands, giggle and share in magical moments with family and guests. It’s my experience that couples want lots of images showing togetherness disposing of individual shyness as they become one together.

The more natural and relaxed the couple are the easier it is to get the images. These are the images that sell as opposed to the contrived and static poses. As photographers shooting a wedding we are often faced with the unknown and our ability to operate quickly, without interrupting proceedings, is a very useful skill. As photographers we create our images using and manipulating light sources both natural and flash. It’s this ability of being able to predict how light sources and exposure will combine to create the final image. Remember much can be done in post production of a RAW file, however if you are shooting JPEG you will often run into severe problems with whites being blown out, particularly when shooting wedding gowns.

Embrace the light when shooting wedding couples, strive to control it and enhance where necessary to create the desired effect. Mastering light as a professional photographer is your creative duty to your clients. Make light your friend, work with it creating the magic. Each and every wedding venue is different , churches are different and the light and time of year reflects on everything we do as photographers. Keeping a sharp eye on this changing light and the opportunities that can arise from it is another trick that is learned with experience. A little trick I have used when photographing a bride and groom using flash is to skim the light, positioning the bride furthest from the light source helping to reduce blow out on the dress and using the reflective light to bounce back into the shadows of the groom. Using the brides white dress and veil almost as a ready made reflector when shooting out doors to your advantage is worth consideration.