Would you like to write for us?

Do you have a photography hint, tip, idea or story about a recent photography trip or outing and would love to share it? Our new website here at ƒ:stop Training has been designed from scratch, which means we are adding to it as we grow and we’d love you to write for us. Part of our site will feature a Hints and Tips section which we would love other photographers to contribute to, regardless of your current level. So if you think you have a great tip, hint, photography idea or story, please complete the form to register as a Contributor.

To thank you for your contribution, we would give you full credit for each article. You will also be eligible for unique special offers and discounts.

What we’re looking for:-

  • Any hints, tips or ideas that are photography related (regardless of the skill level required);
  • Software hints and tips covering any photography software package;
  • Stories about photography trips or outings you’ve been on;
  • Your thoughts and opinions on tech stuff;
  • Your article should have a minimum of 300 words and include at least one image that illustrates your tip or idea;

Your online presence

This is a great way for you to increase your online presence. If you have a blog or a commercial photography website, this could drive traffic for you.

We would love to hear from you and we will try to publish all the submissions we receive once we have checked them for accuracy and authenticity.