• Tuscany Photography Workshop

    Refund GuaranteeWell done! You've found the Tuscany photography workshop that is a bit more special. It's unique, diverse, amazing value and will provide you, and a partner, with a memorable holiday as well as memorable photographs. Your photography will permanently step up to a new level. This Tuscany photographic workshop/holiday is a wonderful opportunity to experience the scenery and atmosphere of one of the most picturesque regions of Europe. It is a full itinerary in the company of Martin who will be present throughout each of the days to offer instruction and guidance. You'll return home a better photographer and have some exquisite photographs to display. You'll learn techniques to shoot and edit photographs like a professional and you will be making images that will be envied and admired. Images that will hang on walls. Images that will sell. Call me and have a chat or book now with a refundable deposit. Scroll down for full product description.  
  • Refund GuaranteeMillions of artists, photographers and writers have scrutinised and described every beautiful aspect of Venice. It is almost impossible to be original in Venice. My Venice photography workshop does not pretend or even wish to be original. My Venice photography workshop is all about you learning the skills and techniques for photographing some of the iconic scenes of Venice as well as seeking out the details in the less trodden areas of Venice. Venice floats proudly between the sea and sky just off the coast of reality. It is the most exquisite cliche. Join us in November 2021 on this guided and instructional workshop. Call me for a chat or book now with a refundable deposit.
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