Today, I’m flying out to Pisa to take part in our first Tuscany workshop of the year. This is always an exciting and anxious commute to “work” for me. A commute of just over 1,300 miles that will take me above and over the Alps.

The European Alps Heading Towards Our First Tuscany Workshop 2016

A View of The Matterhorn in The Swiss Alps

I’ve always enjoyed flying and the view of the alps from a passenger jet, I think, is simply sublime. Once over the Alps, the plane begins it’s decent into Pisa and I begin to pick out the details below: Milan, Turin, Cinque Terre and the Mediterranean Sea with its ships, yachts and small islands. Finally, I can pick out the parasols of Viareggio as the plane banks for its final approach into Pisa. Exiting the plane into the warm Tuscan air is my first pleasure of the trip and it’s one that I always savour. Now it’s the hire-car and the drive up to Garfagnana and Barga.

Despite not having been here for several months, I still feel as if it was only a couple of weeks since my last trip. It’s a second home to me and I always feel relaxed and content in this region of Italy. Maybe it’s the scenery, the warm welcome from the Italian people, the warm sunshine, the famous cuisine or maybe it’s the blend of all these. Whatever it is, I always love being here.

My thoughts dart back and forth about what the first Tuscany workshop of the year will bring. What will the weather be like? Do I have enough variety of content for the course? Will the students like the guesthouse? Will the food be as good as I rave about? As always, my biggest concern is – will everyone enjoy the workshop? The next week will answer all of these questions.

At this moment in time, as I travel towards Tuscany, I realise that I have one of the best commutes to “work” in the world.

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