Converting to DNG during import

I’m going to assume that you know how to import images into Lightroom for this part. This is the most efficient way to convert Raw files to DNG but you need to be fully committed to the benefits of the DNG format because you will not have the original Raw files stored on your computer.

Along the top of the Import screen, you will see two copy options; Copy and Copy As DNG. Click on Copy As DNG to have Lightroom copy the files to your computer and convert them to DNG. As Lightroom copies the camera Raw files from the memory card, it places them on your computer before converting them all to DNG. You do not need to do anything more. It does take a lot longer to complete the import and conversion process but that simply means you can have another coffee.

Convert Raw Files to DNG - Lightroom Import

Ah, but what about the options? The options discussed above. How do you set these? Well, these options are set in the Preferences and are used for all import conversions. To access the options in the Preferences, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Lightroom > Preferences (Mac OS) then click on the File Handling tab. At the top of the File Handling tab, you will see the same options as discussed earlier. Set the options you wish and forget about them for future import conversions. Now you see why I structured this article to be back-to-front.