The Ghost of Ross Priory? What’re Your Thoughts?

Ross Priory is the ancient house of the Buchanan family and sits on the banks of Loch Lomond. It is a spectacular building that has an equally spectacular view over Loch Lomond. However, does this photograph show that it may be haunted? One evening in early December, I decided to visit Ross Priory to try some [...]

Orton Effect – Try This Quick Photoshop Tutorial

The Orton effect is a method of post processing that gives a dreamy soft focus look to a photograph. The Orton effect is named after its creator, Michael Orton. He originally created the effect by stacking two separate images on top of each other; one in sharp focus and the other was shot slightly out of focus. Originally, [...]

Photography in adverse weather conditions

April showers bring May flowers…or so the saying goes. Photography in adverse weather conditions and the problems faced by the photographer can lead to some breath-taking images. Again we take a look at landscapes and the sky where the effects of the elements can be noticeably clear to see, but sometimes you have to be [...]

Photographing Waterfalls

People have been photographing waterfalls ever since the invention of the camera and it is no less popular today in the digital era. While the technology has changed over the years, the challenge of photographing waterfalls correctly hasn’t changed. But why is photographing waterfalls so challenging? There are three reasons that make photographing waterfalls challenging [...]


Emotional, psychological and temperature are all meaningful and measurable aspects of colour. Colour is often thought of as either vibrant or dull, strong or weak, warm or cold and so on. As photographers it’s something we work with on a daily basis. Colour can be something of a challenge to control because it’s as transient [...]