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Black and White Photography – Shoot in Camera or Convert in Post?

I would say every single digital camera is capable of black and white photography in camera. Well, maybe with one exception. The question I get asked a lot regarding black and white photography is, should I shoot in black and white in the camera or should I shoot in colour and convert to black and [...]

Guest Posts About Photography Related Articles Being Accepted

As our site has grown, along with our training and writing commitments, we wanted to remind everyone that we accept guest posts about photography related articles. Guest posts are open to professional photographers, enthusiast photographers, photography gurus and anyone who has a photography related article that they would like us to publish. We realise that lots of [...]

Apply Develop Settings to Photos When Importing into Lightroom

This is a simple trick to save you a lot of time when importing photos into Lightroom. This technique will show you how to apply develop settings to photos as you import them into Lightroom. Firstly, let me explain what the terminology here means. What Are Develop Settings in Lightroom? Develop settings in Lightroom [...]

Orton Effect – Try This Quick Photoshop Tutorial

The Orton effect is a method of post processing that gives a dreamy soft focus look to a photograph. The Orton effect is named after its creator, Michael Orton. He originally created the effect by stacking two separate images on top of each other; one in sharp focus and the other was shot slightly out of focus. Originally, [...]

Accurately Correct White Balance Using Photoshop

This is a little-known method that will allow you to accurately achieve the correct white balance in a photograph using Adobe Photoshop. There are lots of methods for correcting the white balance in an image but this one achieves one of the most technically correct results for white balance. Rather than using the traditional white [...]

Polarising Filter – Should You Buy One?

I often get asked questions about using a polarising filter, so I thought I would publish my thoughts and knowledge on using one. What Is a Polarising Filter? First of all, let me make this clear, a polarising filter should be in every photographer's bag. They can increase contrast, increase colour saturation, reduce unwanted [...]

Content-Aware Fill in Adobe Photoshop

The Content-Aware Fill technology was introduced into Photoshop CS5 and has been incrementally improved ever since. Its latest version found in Photoshop CC is absolutely amazing. The Content-Aware Fill technology can be found in a variety of Photoshop's tools, including the Spot Healing Brush, the Patch Tool as well as the Content-Aware Fill and Content-Aware [...]